How to Frame at Shirt in A Few Second

how to frame at shirt

The article of how to frame at shirt can be helpful for everyone who have a plan to do that. There are many people who are fanatical about something such as football club, singer, basketball, and more. One of their love, it’s showed by the way to collect all about things related with they are used such as shirts. Even t-shirt is not only worn but also to be made and saved in the special frame which hang it on the wall. If you are interested to frame the t-shirt, it will be a great thing to do yet make sure for you to know how must to do.

To help you understanding how to frame at shirt, here at this article, you will get some tactical steps about what must to do on framing a shirt easily. Even you can do that in really fast process where just need to spend few second only. Is it possible? Sure, it’s really possible to do as long as ready for doing that.

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Starting from the Preparatory Step

Before continuing to the process of framing, it helps if you start from the first preparation process. It’s mean that there are a few things to be prepared. What are that? There are several items that you should provide, among others:

  • T-shirt
  • Shadowbox frame
  • Backing Board
  • Needle and thread
  • Plexiglas

Above are some ingredients that you should prepare for a faster installation process later. If all the items are readily available, then you can proceed to the next step which is fitting t-shirt into a box frame that has been provided.

Set the T-shirt on the Backing Board

Then, what you should do next is to set t-shirt on a backing board that had been prepared. Usually the placement adjusted to the size of the board and the box frame is used. On the backing board, the show is a logo or image that exist in t-shirts normally. You only need to install and attaches only part of its logo. Once the appropriate size, then you can fold the rear to make it fit and ready to place in the frame.

Place the T-Shirt inside the frame

Later on, you just need to place it into the frame you have prepared before. There are several types of frames to choose actually depends on your interest and suitability of the t-shirt that will be in the frame. The size of backing board certainly must be match and suitable with the box frame that you will use, or it will be better it’s packed with. After you place it inside the box frame, then you need to close the back board with box frame cover. Then, make sure also for clipping the mat in well, and then hang it on the wall.

Above is the way or guide that is very easy you can do when going to put a t-shirt in the frame. If you decide to use the way above, then actually you just need a few time for doing the process. Beside the way above, there are some another ways of how to frame at shirt you can try.

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