How to Make a Floating Frame for Canvas by Yourself

Many homeowner are looking for how to make a floating frame for canvas. In creating a great and beautiful craft at home, actually it’s not always having to spend much money. It’s not always by buying the real product from the store, yet it can be made by your own self. It’s mean that you no need to spend much money for that because you can create it by your idea and creativity. However, for some of you who are interested and want to try for making it by yourself, sometimes some of you want to get known the process must be followed.

It’s quite simple thing to start and finish the process indeed, where you need to have a special skill for that. Everybody can make that as long as having a desire for deciding to make it by their own self using a simple things and tools. To help you find know what must to do, here there are some things must be followed as steps of creating the floating frame craft for canvas artwork.

What You’ll Need to Prepare?

You should begin by preparing carefully. If indeed you can prepare everything carefully, then you should be able to take to heart what materials you should prepare it. There are several materials that are commonly used are as follows:

  • Lumber
  • Tape Measure
  • Wood Clamps
  • Wood Glue
  • Kraft Paper
  • V-nail
  • Saw
  • Stain
  • Scissors
  • Artwork

All material above is very easily available in stores around so you will not be difficult to get it. It will be very important thing for preparing all of them completely so that then the result will be based on what you think and hope.

Detailed Process:

Then the next thing you should notice is the next process to be done. To get results, the materials prepared above should be treated by following the following process;

  • Start from Measurement

You need to start out of the measurement process because that way, then everything will go well. If you really want to perform the measurement process properly, then you should try to measure the canvas and also some other parts. Thus, you will know what to do then especially to find the fixed measurement.

  • Cut the Woods with 45 degree angle

Once you get a fixed size, the next you can begin to cut the lumber that had been prepared. The size of the timber should be 45 degree angle at the edges. This was to facilitate the later create and prepare the wood into the shape of the frame. You can use special cutting tools so that the results can be nice and tidy.

  • Fit and Glue the Frame

Then you then have to install all of the wood that has been cut it. Ensure appropriate and form a perfect frame. Once everything is ready, the next thing to do is glue the parts so that it can produce a frame which is really nice.

  • Add Canvas Artwork

The last thing you should do is to put on canvas artwork that you have prepared in advance. Once it’s paired, then you close the rear of the frame with a clip. Finished, you can put it on the wall so it looks floating.

Well, keeping the above process, you will be able to easily to consider about the question of how to make a floating frame for canvas.

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